Emla Uses


laser hair removal

When it’s time to look your
best and you don’t want the discomfort – Emla cream can help numb the pain and see you through your next minor superficial cosmetic procedure.

Thinking of getting a cosmetic procedure?

When it comes to achieving the desired look, there are lots of cosmetic
procedures to choose from – but one reason many of us may be hesitant
is the fear of the pain that often accompanies them.

Feeling as comfortable as possible and having the best experience possible
should be a priority for both you and your clinician. So taking a few simple
steps before you get started – such as using Emla skin numbing cream –
can help prevent the pain and ease the way to the new you.

It’s a good idea to choose someone who is qualified and experienced at doing the procedure. You may also want to talk to your doctor (or other healthcare professionals) beforehand to check if the procedure is right for you.

If you are thinking of having something done – do your homework first so you know what to expect and what to look out for. 

What is a cosmetic procedure?

Information around cosmetic surgery can sometimes be a bit confusing – the term ‘cosmetic’ covers a wide range of procedures that either use surgical or non-surgical techniques to help achieve your desired appearance.

Minor (non-surgical) cosmetic procedures are those that may involve piercing the skin, but unlike major cosmetic procedures, do not
cut beneath it. Examples of minor cosmetic procedures include chemical peels, laser skin procedures, dermabrasion, non-surgical varicose vein removal, cosmetic injections, eyebrow tattooing (microblading) and skin needling (microneedling).

Laser hair removal, for example, may not be as effective on blonde or grey hairs as it is on dark hairs which contain more melanin and some types of lasers may be more effective on darker skins than others.

How can Emla cream help?

Emla skin numbing cream – available without a prescription from your pharmacy – contains a mixture of two local anaesthetics, lidocaine (lignocaine) and prilocaine that can penetrate the skin and block nerve pain signals to the brain.

Topical anaesthetics can help to reduce the pain of cosmetic procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, microneedling, and laser hair removal.

If you are not sure if Emla skin numbing cream is suitable for the particular procedure you are going to have – check with your clinician, doctor or pharmacist first.

How to apply Emla skin numbing cream

Skin numbing creams, such as Emla, are topical anaesthetics you apply directly to the surface of your skin before a procedure and removed just before the procedure is carried out.

Once applied, Emla helps make your skin feel numb for a short time, but only in the area that you apply it to.

Emla cream should be applied 1 hour before your procedure, so you will need to remember to leave adequate time between applying your Emla numbing cream at the start of your cosmetic procedure.

Find out more about using Emla in the Consumer Medicine Information leaflet or by talking to your doctor or pharmacist.